Pole Trailers hear at C.F's are some
of the best in the industry:
Standard Equipment

2- 10,000 Lb. Electric Brake Axles
Extends up to 40 Ft.
2 - 10,000 Drop foot Jacks
3 - 4 Inch ratchet straps
binder bar with keeper
6 Bolsters
break away safety device
Adjust up to
40 Ft.
Other specifications

All Sealed beam lights with rubber grommets
Heavy duty safety chains
Tray storage in bed
D O T D Reflective tape
Mud Flaps

ST 235-85 R16 Tires
8 hole 16 inch rims
license plate light
adjustable pentle hitch
This Pole Trailer
adjust up to 60 ft. long
Shown with
air brakes
We also make spool trailers.